How to deploy NLSQL in a 30 minutes using Azure Web App with Docker Compose

What comes as a surprise to many executives is how expensive and complicated the software integration process can be.

The global system integration (SI) market is expected to hit nearly $530 billion by 2025 according to a recent study by California-based market research and consulting firm Grand View Research.

Implementing a modernized, cloud-platform B2B infrastructure provides multiple benefits and will move businesses into a state that is ready for the future. Ultimately, with personalized and streamlined ways to integrate modern environments with traditional infrastructure, what systems integration software/system integration solutions look like to solve is every single business problem.

NLSQL provides enterprises a powerful search engine for corporate numbers and has state of the art integration process using Microsoft Azure, Docker, and Git. Combination of Azure Web App service, Docker, and Git Hub provides us the possibility to deploy required NLSQL Bot Application into Enterprise ecosystem within 30 minutes based on our video tutorial.

Our customers spend more on end-user training for the incorporation of a data-driven corporate culture rather than software integration costs. Leadership and a data-driven culture must be a critical part of the corporate strategy for modern enterprises.

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