Create Azure Search App For Files

This is a quick demonstration of unstructured files search App powered with Azure Search Engine.

Using NLSQL you can provide your employees with both intuitive data search across corporate databases, as well as unstructured files search in the corporate ecosystem. Anyone can search for any file needed to complete their work instantly. You can find any PDF, Microsoft Office files, or even picture files.

OCR feature works really great so you can feel free to search pictures or pdf files based on their content. The front-end application is fully customized as per real business needs.

Putting more knowledge at the fingertips of front-end employees means they can do what is most valuable: analyzing insights and making more proper decisions, which drives businesses forward faster.

This has led to a new wave of AI-powered digital transformation with knowledge mining at its heart-- empowering organizations to harness this wide variety of content with applied intelligence, dramatically reducing time to market and unlocking new insights that were previously out of reach.

Customers investing in knowledge mining today are seeing tremendous impact resulting in increased business performance and profitability.

Financial services firms have reduced the time of financial reporting from months to days, health care companies have been able to create holistic views of their patient data, and manufacturing companies have been able to provide engineers with better answers faster to foster customer loyalty.

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