UK National Data Strategy

The UK government just published a National Data Strategy, which would be a focus for worldwide development in the nearest future.

National Data Strategy looks at how we can leverage existing UK strengths to boost the better use of data across businesses, government, civil society and individuals.

Having left the European Union, the UK government take advantage of being an independent, sovereign nation to maximise those strengths and position the UK internationally to influence the global approach to data sharing and use.

Better use of data can help organisations of every kind succeed – across the public, private and third sectors. It can support the delivery of existing services, from manufacturing to logistics, and it can be used to create entirely new products.

It is a driver of scientific and technological innovation, and central to the delivery of a whole range of vital public services and societal goals, from tackling climate change to supporting the National Health Service.

We are in NLSQL are happy to be aligned with the National Data Strategy!

Download UK National Data Strategy in PDF