How to use NLP to SQL API?

A few months ago, NLSQL API becomes the most popular API on the biggest API marketplace RapidAPI at the database category. Meanwhile, we got a lot of questions about using NLP to SQL API within the enterprise.

For the explanation purpose, we created the software architecture diagram for visualizing the technical usage of our API. Basically, Business users, Bot system, Data Warehouse, and existing API web services is located inside the customer IT ecosystem. NLSQL API provides you the transformation of unstructured requests (Natural Language) to structured query language and further transfers it to the Bot system in JSON format with SSL encrypted return. The cloud solution provides you with continuous deployment, which provides a stable process of Natural Language Processing improvement. We also provide you with the Bot system setup for Python environment upon request.

Before NLSQL customization we require Q&A samples as per your business needs as well as your database schema description. It takes for us a few days of internal magic to get back to you with link and API key for providing non-technical users intuitive natural language interface to enterprise data. NLSQL doesn’t require any sensitive or confidential information transfer to us.

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