We’ve got funded by German Federal Ministry!

We are excited to dive deeper into the healthcare sector with German Federal Ministry funding.

Our cooperation with Clinomic GmbH makes the synergy for building Natural Language User Interface to ICU database solution for the German healthcare sector. It provides hospital staff to get quick and easy access to medical data using only Natural Language with an intuitive text interface.

Medical staff takes care of the most important thing in life – human lives! Everyone faced the problem of illness of friends or loved once. The things they do in case of the problem, the decisions they make goes far beyond one person’s life, but that of an entire family. It is not a job they can re-sign from, once a doctor always a doctor despite any circumstances.

We feel our personal responsibility to contribute to the hospital staff to make their job a little bit easier. Our contribution is a drop in the sea, but we are proud to make this drop real!

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