Natural Language Interface to SAP

Day by day businesses increasingly rely on insights based on available data for proper business decisions.

For that different ERP and CRM systems collects millions of terabytes of business records every day.
One of the largest software suppliers in the world is SAP company, with 12 million users, 121 000 installations worldwide with more than 1500 SAP Partners.

In Feb 2019 NLSQL becomes one of the 1500 SAP partners with an integrated solution to SAP database.

We now live in a world, where to find the answers you just need to type question to google!

The same now is possible with SAP using NLSQL Software!

Just type your request in Natural Language and get information from SAP quick and easily!
Need a graph based on SAP data? Not a problem at all, just ask it with Natural Language.
Please check the video linked to this post of how easily it could be.

SAP S/4HANA demo video