Elaj Group and Al Borg Laboratories Innovation Day in Saudi Arabia ??

NLSQL visited Ryadh for a personal negotiation and public presentation of NLSQL Healthcare BI software for Board Members of Al Borg Diagnostics Laboratories and Elaj Group in Saudi Arabia.

Digital transformation with innovative technology adoption is a key part of Saudi Vision 2030.
Saudi Arabia Government strategy leads to Middle East region leadership in technology and non-oil industry revenue share growth. As part of this program, Elaj Group reviewed and invited the best innovation technology company, which will create a high impact on the main industries in upcoming years.
An offline event with 4 of the most promising companies was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Denis from NLSQL had a chance to participate in both P2P negotiations and offline public technology presentations. NLSQL adoption in the Middle East market will improve operational excellence and bring even more insights for all organisations levels in real-time. This will provide Saudi Arabia companies competitive advantages for better productivity and existing resources usage.

Moreover, the NLSQL team is going to expand with local representatives in Saudi Arabia for even more new partnerships and cooperation with the Middle East ecosystem.

Watch Video from Riyadh event